September 25 is National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day

The Federal Drug Enforcement Agency is encouraging people across the United States to clean out their medicine cabinets on September 25th.  That day is the first ever DEA Take-Back Prescription event, where at over 3400 sites nationwide, the DEA and local law enforcement, along with public heath partners will collect potentially dangerous expired, unused, and unwanted prescription drugs for safe destruction.

Collection sites in every local community can be found by going to . This site is continuously updated with new take-back locations. In addition, you can now go to: to download a public service announcement about the initiative and learn more about the dangers of keeping old prescription medication around the home.

It’s unsafe to keep old and expired medication around the home, as it is a danger to children and teenagers who might take them, as well, over time the chemical properties in the pills change and make them no longer effective.

If you can’t dispose of your pills at an event like this, or at a local health centre that accepts old medication, the DEA advises that to throw out old pills you should:

  • Take the meds out of their bottles;
  • Mix them with something unappealing like used kitty litter or coffee grounds
  • Seal them in a bag of disposable container, and throw them away
  • Drugs thrown in the thrash in their bottles can be retrieved and abused

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