Top 14 Prescriptions Drugs Bought from Canadian Pharmacies

The LA Times picked up a story about the top prescription drugs bought by Americans from online pharmacies in 2009. The list was provided by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA), the independent trade organization that certifies Canadian international pharmacies and assures customers that all pharmacies that are members are licensed, reputable, and adhere to the most stringent safety protocols. Canada Drugs, Canadian Pharmacy proudly displays CIPA certification on its website.

The top drugs ordered by Americans from CIPA approved sites were:

  1. Buy Plavix online starting @ $59.50
  2. Buy Advair Diskus online starting @ $34.27
  3. Buy Flomax online starting @ $25.06
  4. Buy Asacol online starting @ $ $67.00
  5. Buy Nexium online starting @ $73.31
  6. Buy Zetia online starting @ $50.10
  7. Buy Crestor online starting @ $46.34
  8. Buy Lipitor online starting @ $29.55
  9. Buy Synthroid online starting @ $22.07
  10. Buy Prandin online starting @ $36.13
  11. Buy Januvia online starting @ $131.04
  12. Buy Actos online starting @ $53.74
  13. Buy Premarin online starting @ $8.07
  14. Buy Celebrex online starting @ $18.66

Americans who order these medication and thousands more from CIPA approved pharmacies like Canada Drugs can be assured of the safety and quality of the medication and that the pharmacies are licensed, ethical and will require and verify a prescription from a patients doctors.

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