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President suggests international importation of medication can lower prices

Posted by on January 31st, 2011

Last week President Obama sat down to answer a variety of questions from Americans over YouTube. YouTube chose from more than 140,000 questions submitted from viewers about a range of subjects, from the recent unrest in Egypt and Tunisia to the future of American competitiveness and Obama answered a few dozen of the submitted questions.

One answer the president gave that will be of particular interest to customers of Canada Drugs dealt with the dramatic price differences of prescription drugs in the United States compared to other countries like Canada.

A YouTube user asked, “Why does the same medication that I use cost so much less in Mexico or Canada, even though it’s being made right here in the United States?” the man said. He added, “We as a country need to fix this problem.”

The president answered that he believed that the US should be able to negotiate drug prices with the pharmaceutical companies like Canada does and suggested that allowing medicines to be imported from abroad would be another way to lower prices.

Canada Drugs, as leading company for the past decade in the fight to lower prescription drug prices, is encouraged that the president endorsed the idea that importing lower priced international medication can be an important part of lowering high U.S drug prices.

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Canada Drugs wants you to buySAFE

Posted by on January 28th, 2011

Any of our customers browsing our website or ordering online from us over the past month might have noticed a small change. This change is a real positive that everyone at Canada Drugs is excited to offer all our online customers.  We have entered into a partnership with buySAFE, one of the leading web bonding services and another guarantee that every order you make with Canada Drugs will done in a safe and secure manner.

buySAFE, Inc. provides online merchants like Canada Drugs with unique brand building and website conversion solutions that increase buyer peace of mind and loyalty as well as merchant sales and profit margins. buySAFE’s bonding solution is backed by the financial strength of Liberty Mutual, Travelers, and ACE USA and its identity theft protection services are provided in partnership with Assurant Specialty Property. With over 2.5 billion views of the buySAFE Seal each year, 20 million guaranteed purchases and over 4,000 buySAFE Merchants, buySAFE is widely recognized as a leader in providing confidence and safety for online buyers and increased sales and profits for online merchants.

The buySAFE business model is essentially a modern adaptation of a surety bond, a practice of guaranteeing business transactions that date back thousands of years. The buySAFE website described the process as such:

“Many centuries ago, in about the year 2750 BC, surety bonding began as a simple three-way agreement between a king, a young farmer, and a local spice merchant. The farmer, who came from a faraway land, presented the king with a proposal: he would care for the king’s wheat fields in exchange for seven gold coins. Never having met this farmer before, the king was uneasy and declined the farmer’s offer.

To give the king peace of mind, the farmer sought the help of a well-respected local spice merchant who was originally from the same faraway land as the farmer. The spice merchant met with the king and personally guaranteed the young farmer’s performance. If the farmer failed to tend the wheat fields properly, the merchant would either find another farmer to do the work or repay the gold. In return for the merchant’s favor, the young farmer paid the merchant one gold coin. Because the farmer knew that he would do a good job, he in turn promised to repay the merchant for any loss suffered if the king’s fields were not properly tended.

With this promise and financial guarantee from the merchant he knew and trusted, the king hired the young farmer. The wheat fields prospered, and the surety bond concept was born.”

Today buySAFE applies that ancient principle to modern online transactions and offers customers a clear signal to tell which websites maintain a professional and honest business model. buySAFE has a rigorous qualification review and now guarantees that all Canada Drugs customers can have the peace of mind knowing that there orders are backed by the buySAFE guarantee.

We have always been a company that highly values ethics, trustworthiness, and always does the right thing vis-à-vis our customers, but we recognize that unethical online pharmacies make some customers wary about ordering prescription medication online. We view the buySAFE guarantee as one more part of the Canada Drugs promise to our customers, along with our Pharmacy Checker certification, CIPA membership and the highest rating from BBB. After nearly 10 years of delivering exceptional patient value we are always looking for ways to make the Canada Drugs ordering experience even better.

Protect Yourself!

Posted by on January 17th, 2011

Just a quick note to all our Facebook and Blog fans on Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware. No one likes to think about needing protection, or paying or it, but let’s face it, it’s part of the Internet and it isn’t going away. Read PC Magazine’s latest review and recommendations here – ‪,2817,2372364,00.asp – or if you’re on a Mac – ‪ .

You’re mileage may vary depending on which tool you chose, and we can’t really recommend one over another, so read reviews, talk with friends, go talk to a computer tech at a local store. As evidenced by the PC Magazine article, several of the free packages do great work, so there is no excuse not to BE SAFE online!

At Canada Drugs we are investing in partnerships like VeriSign and BuySafe and other customer safety and protection services in order to provide a better level of service to our customers and offer peace of mind that it’s safe to order online. Illegitimate pharmacy sites that capture your personal information, may also infect you with Spyware and other malicious software. It’s best to always look for seals from trusted third party sources like VeriSign, BuySafe, the Better Business Burreau and Smart online shopping and a computer protected with Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware software will be your best protection.

The VeriSign Seal Boosts’s Conversion Rate 33%

Posted by on January 7th, 2011

Internet Retailer recently ran this story on Canada Drugs and VeriSign new consumer safety partnership.

When consumers are buying life-saving medications over the Internet they want to be certain that they’re entering their sensitive information, such as Social Security number and medical information, on a legitimate site.

For a retailer like online-only pharmacy that means it finding ways to demonstrate to consumers that it is not one of the many “fly-by-nighters illegally offering international drug scams over the Internet,” says Brock Gunter-Smith, director of e-business.

“Our customer is the furthest thing from the casual buyer who doesn’t need much of an excuse to abandon a shopping cart,” he says. “We need to show that we’re a real business that conducts itself professionally and is accountable to customers, which is tough when we’re dealing with cautious site visitors thousands of miles away.”

To build trust in its brand it initially turned to an undisclosed Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) provider, a technology that secures web servers from unauthorized access and is designed to ensure visitors that a web site is legitimate and able to protect consumer data. . However, the vendor asked for minimal information to verify the authenticity of the company’s practices, which didn’t sit well with the retailer.

“Our Internet service provider told us it would be quick and easy with the other company, that there was no real information we’d have to supply,” says Gunter-Smith. “That was supposed to be a selling point but it actually turned us off in a big way since our whole focus was on demonstrating our legitimacy.”

Conversely, the retailer found that VeriSign staff engage in a lot of work to ensure a company’s authenticity before allowing the retailer to display the VeriSign Secured Seal. That led the retailer to switch providers.

Once VeriSign validated, the switch was simple, he says.

The retailer also added VeriSign’s Extended Validation SSL Certifications, which show consumers using many browsers a green address bar that indicates a web site is genuine, and includes the name of the security company, VeriSign, offering that assurance. That’s designed to overcome consumer fears that they may have reached a site created by criminals that looks legitimate but is designed to capture personal information, such as credit card and Social Security numbers..

That addition has boosted’s bottom line. The conversion rate for consumers using Internet Explorer 7, which displays the green bar, is 1.75%, 33.6% more than the 1.31% who convert on IE6, which does not display the green bar. Moreover, those IE7 consumers spend 27% more per order than those using IE6.

“That must go back to the extra measure of security that people feel when they see the VeriSign green bar,” Gunter-Smith says.