Mail-Order Delivery of Prescription Medication Leads to Better Adherence

People who ordered their statins, such as Lipitor through the mail were more likely to control their cholesterol levels than those who had the prescriptions filled at a local pharmacy, according to a study of 100,298 people with high cholesterol enrolled in health plans that allow mail-order prescriptions. The study appears in the current online issue of the Journal of General Internal Medicine and is a strong argument that the convenience and cost savings that online mail-order international pharmacies like Canada Drugs can assist in maintaining the proper use of maintenance medication such as the cholesterol fighting statins.

The study looked at new statin users between 2005 and 2007, and found that twenty-nine percent used a mail-order pharmacy at least once to refill their medication and they found that those receiving their prescription through the mail that over 85 percent of those patients hit their target cholesterol levels during follow-up tests at least three months after they started the drugs. Of the group that used only a traditional walk-in pharmacy, 74 percent hit the target levels.

Previous studies have shown that mail-order pharmacy use is associated with greater medication adherence. At Canada Drugs, our Patient Service Team will inform you well in advance of when a refill needs to be ordered, and the convenience of free-shipping right to your door delivery makes it easy to receive medication.

Another factor that stops many people from sticking to a Lipitor or other statin medication regime is the cost. These important and life–saving medications stretch the budget of too many Americans and Canada Drugs affordable alternative is a way to stick to your doctors recommendation, but not struggle to afford the costs associated with taking these medications.

At Canada Drugs we sell both brand name Lipitor and Atorvastatin, it’s generic equivalent. You will save 20-40% off the brand name product and will see even greater savings if you switch to the generic.

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