Top 6 Tips to Avoid Prescription Mix-Ups, a website of developed by the Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada issued a recent alert on how to avoid mixing up pills with others in your family.

With numerous people in many households taking a variety of different medications, many pharmacists and poison control centers get calls quite frequently about innocent mix-ups in medications that can pose serious health risks in some cases. At Canada Drugs Canadian Pharmacy we encourage our patients to consider the risk of medication mix-ups and take a few simple steps to avoid the problem.

 Store family members’ medicines in different locations or in separate baskets. As always, it’s important to choose a spot that’s out of reach of children or any family member who may become confused.

 Be familiar with the appearance of your medicines.

 If more than one family member is using a pill organizer, consider choosing different colors or brands of organizers. Another way to help prevent mistakes is to make sure that each organizer is labeled with the owner’s name.

 Ideally, skip the organizers altogether and leave medicines in their original containers. That way, you can check the label of the container to be sure you are taking the right med.

 Ask your pharmacist to help you prepare a written schedule with a description of each medicine. That way, you can check your medicines against the schedule before you take a dose. pharmacy team would be more than willing to assist in developing schedules for any of patients.

If you are having trouble keeping track of your medicines, you can also ask your pharmacist whether it is possible to have your medicines specially prepared in properly labeled blister packs or pill organizers.

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