Raises Nearly $100,000 for the United Way

Last week was the annual charity drive that we do at our Canada Drugs head office for our local Winnipeg, Manitoba chapter of the United Way. We had a lot of fun, and had a variety of events going all week around the office including our own version of the Price of Right’s famous Plinko game, “Food Fest”, and the always staff crowd pleasing “Cage Your Supervisor.” Being able to donate to a good cause, while also getting to lock up your boss in a cage and make them wear funny hats is the definition of win-win.

Altogether our staff raised $19,139.17, which is a lot of money, but Canada Drugs matched every dollar raised by staff at a 4-1 rate. This contribution of $76,556.68 brought the total contribution to $95,695.85. This is almost $4000 more than we raised last year.

The United Way is active in 45 countries around the world, and makes positive contributions in over 1800 communities. It’s a safe bet that the United Way is active in your community too and you can learn more about your local organization too by visiting their website. The great thing about supporting your local United Way is that your valued donation will stay right in your local community and help people right around you.

During the United Way week here at our Canadian Pharmacy location we heard from a few speakers about some of the good work the organization does in communities like our own here in Winnipeg. Ken Mason came into to tell us about the program he runs with the YMCA that runs a bustling youth program of youth in our inner city.  We learned that the money that Canada Drugs helps raise makes a huge difference in the lives of people its money goes to support.

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