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FDA Issues Third Strike To Ranbaxy Laboratories

Posted by on October 9th, 2013

india2This September a third Ranbaxy Laboratories manufacturing facility in India was issued an import alert over quality concerns by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). With this latest action taken by the FDA, the final Ranbaxy plant in India dedicated to the US market was banned from importing product into the US. The other two plants dedicated to the US market, owned and operated by Ranbaxy in India were hit with the same import bans in 2008 and are still barred from importing product to the US. The FDA imposed an import ban on the Mohali factory, saying the plant had not met compliance with US drug manufacturing requirements, known as current good manufacturing practices.

With the FDA finding more facilities in India not meeting compliance with the current good manufacturing practices, it reinforces the importance of our introduction of the 10 Star Commitment (only first world medicines). This was a big change to how Canada Drugs served you, but this bold step to put safety ahead of profits was a change that we were proud to make and stand behind 100%.

The 10 Star Commitment means our patients have access to the very best brand and generic medication from within the regulated supply chains of Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. There are no compromises and no shortcuts; the safety and quality of medications is an absolute that we will always look out for.

A newly published article by the respected pharmaceutical industry analyst Roger Bate, highlights how medications even produced by supposedly the “best” companies in India, and done so under the World Health Organization standards, results in up to 20% of the product being unsafe, without its required potency or in some other way deficient. We simply don’t think that’s acceptable. To us, paying a few more dollars to source our products exclusively from first world countries AND STILL delivering savings of up to 60% is the right model.

As Canada Drugs is a global company some product lines will come and go, but our mission will never change. We will always maximize savings on available medications to all of our patients. If you have any questions or concerns, please see our Frequently Asked Questions or call us directly at 1-800-226-3784.