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Canada Drugs Anticipates Rio and Holds Its Own Summer Games

Posted by on June 28th, 2016



Gold Medal Winners IB Pro Fun

Last week Canada Drugs held its annual Olympic Games. Over the course of four days employee teams competed in a series of challenges including the Solo Cup Squirt Gun Race, Giant Pong, Sponge Launch, and the infamous Obstacle Course. It concluded on Friday with a free BBQ and ice cream.

The Olympic Games are run annually during the summer and form part of Canada Drugs’ Wellness Initiative. As part of our company’s commitment to the health and well being of our employees, Canada Drugs holds many events throughout the year intended to encourage our employees to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

The Olympic Games are completely employee driven and are organized by our social committee. Employees are asked to form teams and come up with team names; some even make their own team costumes. It’s a lot of fun, and hey who doesn’t like playing games at work? Congratulations to team IB Pro Fun who blew away the competition to take the Gold and the bragging rights. Silver medals were awarded to Not the Firewall and bronze was taken by the SM All Stars.

On November 8th Vote for YOUR RIGHT to Affordable Medication

Posted by on June 27th, 2016



Come November 8 Americans will head to the polls once again. It will be the American people who have the final say on the direction they want their country to take over the next four years. Polls show that for most Americans the high cost of prescription medication is their top health care concern. Too many people have been forced to choose between necessities like paying their rent or buying groceries and paying for their medications. Personal importation of prescription drugs is an immediate solution to this problem.

Personal importation is an important election issue because it directly enables Americans to obtain safe and affordable medications from outside the US. All too often, the high cost of prescription drugs has forced people to cut their pills in half or skip doses to try and save money. Nobody should have to focus on their prescription drug costs at the expense of their treatment. Canada Drugs was started to help deal with this problem. Personal importation of prescription drugs is an obvious solution to a large and ongoing problem.

Lawmakers have not been entirely silent on the issue. Since 2007 at least ten bills have been introduced in Congress to support the right of Americans to import lower cost prescription medications for their own personal use from outside the US. None of these have passed! This election is an opportunity to change this situation for the better. In this election campaign both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have said they support the personal importation of prescription drugs as an immediate solution to the problem of high drug prices. This is encouraging. But this election is about more than who will be president. Remember the House of Representatives and 1/3 of the Senate is up for re-election as well.

YOUR ACTION ITEM: When you speak to candidates at the door, or out in the community, tell them that personal importation is the only way that you’ve been able to afford your medications when Medicare, private insurance, and Obamacare have left you high and dry. Let them know that this issue is not just important, but CRITICAL to you and your family. Email your sitting congressional representative or senator and ask them to support personal importation. Click here to reach out to your members of congress online and make your voice, and YOUR RIGHT, to affordable medications be heard.

Say Hello to Sunshine, But Not to Everything That Comes With It!

Posted by on June 10th, 2016

sunscreenYes no doubt about it folks Summer is finally here. Time to rock those awesome bathing suits and summer shorts and be close to a beach, lake, or community pool. Let your imagination run free and wild because its time yet again to have a lot of fun, under a lot of sun. The possibilities are almost endless, but one thing is for sure, whoever you are, and whatever you do, there’s a place in the sun for you.

But before any of that, we just thought we should remind you that everyone of us is covered in skin. Unfortunately we are not covered with protective feathers, thick fur, or scales. So we cannot endure very long under the sun unprotected. If we do stay out too long we cause ourselves burns and subcutaneous (under the skin) damage. But first things first… Wear some sunscreen.

That’s right, Sunscreen, don’t go out in the sun without it. To that end we thought we’d help you brush up with some Sunscreen frequently asked questions straight from the true experts, the American Academy of Dermatology