Prescription Drug Adherence is Important

Man reaching for prescription form medicine cabinetHave you ever not filled a prescription due to cost? Unfortunately you’re not alone. In the United States it is estimated that 33% of patients never fill their prescriptions and 75% do not take their medication as ordered. That’s quite shocking and it comes with a major cost. Prescription non-adherence costs the US $300 billion every year in additional healthcare costs. There are several factors that cause people to not take their prescription drugs. They might simply forget, they may believe the medication is not working, or not want to take it due to its side effects. However one of the biggest reasons is price. The price of prescription drugs is through the roof and is only increasing. Getting a prescription from the doctor only to have the pharmacist tell you the drug is going to cost several hundred dollars for a month’s supply is upsetting.

Yet not taking drugs as prescribed can lead to even higher personal costs. Hospitalizations or trips to the emergency room are expensive. Many people, though, are caught between a rock and a hard place. The increasing number of Americans with high deductible insurance plans has had to come to grips with the true cost of health care. With deductibles of at least $1,300 these plans require a major outlay of money before insurance coverage kicks in. Medicare patients can also find themselves with high out of pocket costs if they take multiple expensive medications. Then there is also the health costs associated with non-adherence. According to the American Heart Association poor adherence or non-adherence causes 125,000 deaths each year.

Adherence is rapidly becoming an issue for the pharmaceutical industry as well. About $637 billion in annual worldwide sales were lost because people did not fill or closely follow their prescription therapies. Nearly 40% of the lost sales were in the United States, worth about $250 billion. Pharmaceutical companies understand the costs of non-adherence from a dollar and cents point of view. Yet it doesn’t seem to have affected their pricing practices. Not taking medication certainly affects their profit margins…but if you’re trying to protest the high cost of prescription drugs, you should find a different method than not taking what is prescribed to you. The risk is too great.

Adherence to prescription regimens is very important to living a healthy life. Canada Drugs and the online pharmacy industry formed to help people with this very problem. We provide high quality prescription medications at low prices so that people can take their medication without having to be so concerned about price. If you or someone you know is not taking their medication due to price we may be able to help them. Contact us today and we would be happy to assist you.

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