Let Canada Drugs Help You With Your Diabetes Management

Living with diabetes is certainly no picnic. Particularly when you consider the prices of the medications diabetics must take. Diabetic drugs are very expensive apart from insulin. Insulin itself is priced at astronomically high levels and prices seem to change every day. It’s wildly unfair.

Drug Canada Drugs US Cash Price Savings
Glucophage 500 mg $79.22 $107.26 26%
Onglyza 2.5 mg $234.24 $1113.13 79%
Tradjenta 5 mg $336.21 $1374 76%
Januvia 50 mg $244.62 $1179.22 79%
Amaryl 2 mg $140.70 $205.52 31%
Prandin 1 mg $92.67 $583.46 84%
Actos 15 mg $155.49 $1144.40 86%
Invokana 300 mg $715.62 $1523.00 53%
Jardiance 10 mg $369.99 $1534.00 76%
Janumet 50mg/500mg $352.89 $1171.53 70%

One of the most frequent questions we are asked is “Do you carry insulin?” The answer is no and there is good reason for that. Insulin is very sensitive to temperature. Kept too hot or too cold it will become ineffective. Unfortunately we do not have the ability to guarantee that insulin will remain within the proper temperature range during shipment and arrive safely. We would love to be able to provide insulin to our patients. We are acutely aware of its extremely high cost. However we will not put our patients’ safety at risk for more revenue.

Canada Drugs carries a wide range of diabetic medications other than insulin. A list of 10 common ones is in this chart. If you are struggling with the cost of your diabetes medication, or any other medication for that matter, consider giving us a call. We may be able to help you and your family save a lot of money.

*Prices as of July 27, 2017. Prices are based on quantities nearest to a 90 day supply. Prices are subject to change without notice. US Cash Prices are derived from www.GoodRx.com. Prices are for brand name versions of each medication. Ask your patient service representative or pharmacist if a generic is available so you can realize even greater savings.

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