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Delaware Seniors At Risk Due to Program Shutdown

Posted by on September 29th, 2017

The ongoing shuttering of state-level prescription drug assistance programs has now hit Delaware. Elderly residents who used the Delaware Prescription Assistance Program will no longer be able to access the up $3000 in assistance offered by the program. Although the program only cost $1.6 million per year, it was eliminated due to falling usage. Delaware officials also say it would no longer be needed by 2020. For the Delaware seniors who relied on the help the program provided, it’s not so easy. For people living at, just above, or below the poverty line those few dollars of savings mean a lot. It can mean being able to make rent, or paying utility bills, or doing important repairs on a home.

Will pharma pick up the slack and provide a solution? Probably not. Unfortunately the government hasn’t provided alternatives either. The most obvious solution to this problem is to permit seniors (or anyone else for that matter) to order their prescription drugs from Canada, where prices are much lower. Americans have few alternatives or options to help them pay the high costs of prescription drug coverage.

With Delaware being the latest state to drop a small but important prescription drug assistance program, it makes us wonder how many more states will follow. In times like this when people’s ability to afford their prescription drugs is in question, Canada Drugs is here to help as much as we can. We may be able to help you afford your prescription drugs without government support.

Pharma’s Questionable Behavior

Posted by on September 27th, 2017

What if your house burned down and your insurance company said well we could rebuild it for you but your deductible would be more than the cost of rebuilding the house yourself. That doesn’t make any sense does it? But in the convoluted world of prescription drug pricing it makes perfect sense. You may think that health insurance is designed to make healthcare affordable. In general you’d be right. If you need expensive surgery, therapies or specialists it can help, but with prescription drugs it can end up costing you more. It’s common with insurance plans for claw backs to occur. This is where a pharmacy benefits manager requires a pharmacy to collect a certain amount of money for a drug then takes a chunk of that co-pay for itself. For example, using insurance might require a co-pay of $100 for a specific drug but the cash price of the drug might actually be $70.

It’s a ridiculous situation. If you use your insurance you’re at a disadvantage. It’s another way the drug makers and middle men make huge amounts of money off the back of overburdened Americans. The pharmaceutical industry always finds a way to make money. They use their clout in Congress to protect their privileged economic status. While Americans struggle to stretch their budgets and must spend more and more time shopping around for prescription drugs, pharma continues to rake in billions of dollars. They pat themselves on the back for pledging not to raise drug prices more than 10% per year. As if showing such restraint after years of being price gluttons is laudable. It’s like a bully who takes your lunch money every day. Then one day the bully starts taking only half your lunch money in an attempt to improve their reputation. You wouldn’t applaud the bully for showing restraint, would you?

Big pharma shouldn’t be applauded for being slightly less greedy. If they truly understood the struggles of Americans they would not have ratcheted up prices so much over the past two decades, nor would they keep raising them now. They would stop opposing initiatives to make prescription drugs less expensive, or maybe even offer help. They would not oppose personal prescription importation. But of course that’s not the case. Big pharma continues to oppose personal importation and all other attempts to lower the costs of prescription drugs. Their first priority is not the health of the American public, but their profits. Why else would they make deals with companies who charge co-pays that exceed the cost of prescription drugs?

The pharmaceutical industry is known for its shady tactics and practices. For patients, most of the work falls to them. It is they who must shop around and compare prices. It is they who must decide whether to go through insurance or pay cash up front. It is they who have to decide how to fit the costs into their budget. It is they who must seek out assistance, and it is they who bear the high cost. Pharmacists are often bound by agreements with PBMs to not tell patients if a drug can be acquired more cheaply, unless directly asked by a customer. This, along with evergreening and pay-for-delay, are the sorts of anti-competitive measures that don’t benefit patients at all.

Canada Drugs helps thousands of people each year get the prescription drugs they need at prices they can afford. We don’t use confusing tactics or opacity. We are patient oriented. We actually offer you the best priced items first. We value our relationships with our patients and will not treat them like untapped piles of money. If you have any questions about our services or would like pricing on a particular prescription drug, please call us at 1-800-226-3784 or check out our website,

Here Are The Bare-Bones Facts About Personal Importation

Posted by on September 25th, 2017

187,183 U.S. residents and rising are suffering due to high drug prices

Stark reality is something that pharma conveniently ignores; they do not have to face the consequences of high drug prices every day. They have one thing in mind: protecting profits for shareholders even if that means people cannot get the drugs they critically need. They oppose the personal importation of prescription drugs because it gives Americans a second option; a way around the arbitrarily high prices they have set, and that they need to continue to produce results and profits substantial enough to sustain and grow stock prices. Pharma says there are no problems with US drug prices, but 187,183 of the people we’ve spoken to directly say that their health has been damaged, impacted, or is at risk due to those very same prices. In actual fact we have spoken on the phone to over 999,926 unique patients (there’s more, but because of the length of time it’s been, and the time involved in retrieving archived records, I won’t try and stretch this beyond what is immediately verifiable) who have sought out the assistance of a pharmacy outside the U.S. to afford their medications.

Now, we’re just one company, but I believe that our 15+ years of experience warrants your consideration. There will be many groups that will flail energetically to offer up dire warnings and tales of danger ordering online or over the phone from non-U.S. pharmacies. They will talk about tens of thousands of rogue websites. They will talk about cement mixers spewing out toxic drugs. They will use misdirection, smoke and mirrors, and half-truths to attempt to convince the public at large to believe their propaganda of the hundreds of millions of people within their reach…But the one thing they have NEVER done, and possibly might NEVER do, is actually offer up a practical solution to this problem. They will likely never have the decency and respect to acknowledge directly the dire situation that tens of millions of everyday people like you (if you’re part of the estimated 15 to 45 million people I’m thinking of) face; whereby your insurance co-pays, premiums, limited formularies, or other hurdles make it impractical or impossible to take the medications your doctor directly has prescribed for your health.

Ok, I invite you the reader the leave this page and go call my bluff. Go read articles from the NABP, ASOP, CSIP, Legit Script or the FDA regarding “personal importation” or “internet pharmacies”. You will read horror story after horror story, some that even mention our company. As you read, and your shock and fear grows, see exactly how many times a solution is presented that shows a practical solution. Look for even one option that people can access today, right now, from anywhere in the U.S. regardless of insurance coverage, income, or infirmity.

Great, you’re back! You might be saying to your computer screen or smart phone right now, “AHA! I found some websites like GoodRx, or links to Patient Assistance Program websites, or a site offering me immediate discounts at thousands of pharmacies nationwide of up to 85% by just showing a card I can print-out at home.” …and you’re right. So as opposed to importation opponents and propagandists, I will do what they have never done and admit I was overreaching, withholding information, and being untruthful, and not giving you ALL of the information. …see how I used their technique to highlight how terrible it is to try and trick people into believing an inaccurate message and leave behind rational thought and honest communication? I will now correct myself.

Yes, there are some great U.S. websites out there that are trying to offer price savings to you by building well designed systems to quickly show you discounts, coupons, lowest-price pharmacies, and supplementary plans you can use to bring down your medication expenses. There are many patient assistance programs, and countless regional, state level or other special programs that are offered from time to time to help subsidize your expenses if you can’t afford your medications. The trouble is they’re still not enough. The new U.S. based mail-order websites are still limited to the grossly inflated drug prices everyone is subject to. The only difference is that they’ve negotiated or located incremental savings that might otherwise difficult for you to find. Big box retailers have great $4, $10, and other programs that offer generics at fantastic prices. They do this to bring you into their store to buy other merchandise or fill other additional medications not available at discounted prices…but again, it’s still not enough.

Unlike many articles attacking personal importation, we want to give you the bare facts. Our company has experienced an annual growth of 10% for the past several years. To give you an idea of how many people actually use our services we did some analysis based on our own internal data. Out of 187,183 unique patients here are the results:

The rapid growth of our company shows the need for personal importation is still great.

The majority of our patients are seniors aged over 65 years of age. These patients have access to Medicare coverage but still face out of pocket costs so high that we are the only option to help them save money.

There are several bills before Congress right now that would make the personal importation of prescription drugs available to every American. They are H.R. 1480, S.92, S.469, H.R. 1245, and H.R. 934. President Trump campaigned on a promise to support prescription drug importation as well.

In addition research from the Congressional Budget Office indicated that allowing the personal importation of prescription drugs from Canada would save the U.S. government alone $6 billion per year. The savings to individuals could be much higher. Additionally, despite the propaganda and arm flailing there are no reported cases of harm occurring from people taking prescription drugs from approved and properly licensed mail order pharmacies.

We would like to know what you’re seeing and experiencing? How is your prescription drug coverage? Are any of your family and friends having problems affording their prescription drugs? Let us know in the comment section.

Our customers have faced unreasonably high drug prices head on and they are best equipped to tell the truth about personal importation. Here are few testimonials:

I absolutely support the importation of prescription drugs. If American pharm companies are going to gouge the American consumer, we should definitely have the choice to import the prescription drugs we need at a much lower, fairer price. I’ve received 3 different prescription drugs via and they worked the exact same as what I had received from my local pharmacy. Plus the convenience of mail was better than waiting in line and the cost was at least 50% – 75% lower. I have a high deductible that I’ve never reached so it’s critical for me to keep the costs low.



Yes you are a blessing in my life. I had to pay well over one thousand dollars. The price is always increasing. With Canada Drugs I pay under $500 a year. Big pharma was giving me a choice between paying, going without or curtailing basic expenses. Thank you! I tell others to take advantage of the savings and service.

You are great.


I have been receiving my medications from Canada Drugs for more than two years now and so appreciate their services and affordable prices. I have shared this option with many friends battling the high cost of prescriptions drugs, and also shared it with my primary doctor who was amazed at this well-kept secret! She intends to spread the word to her patients as well. Thank you so much for being pro-active about promoting personal drug importation!!!







Canada Drugs MECCA Award Winners

Posted by on September 20th, 2017

Every year the Manitoba Customer Contact Association holds an awards dinner to recognize excellence among its members. Each year Canada Drugs nominates two employees who have demonstrated a commitment to excellence in a supervisory role and in interacting with our patients. This year Canada Drugs was pleased to nominate supervisor Candace and patient service representative Tasha to receive awards at this year’s gala; to be held in November. These team members have made major contributions to Canada Drugs and continue to be examples to others around them. They are true leaders and this award is well deserved. Canada Drugs would not be the same without them.

Avoid Holiday Shipping Delays

Posted by on September 8th, 2017

christmas, holidays, presents, new year and people concept - close up of woman decorating gift box or parcel wrapped into brown mail paper with fir brunch

It’s November, so why are we talking about holiday shipping delays? Well, for many of you your next order is due between Thanksgiving and Christmas – the busiest time of year for shipping companies, including the USPS. In recent years the increase in popularity of online shopping has made the shipping season even busier than it has traditionally been. In 2015 unexpectedly large shipping volumes delayed the delivery of our packages throughout December and into January. We’ve dramatically improved our shipping routes and adopted new shipping partners since then. Happily there has been no repeat. But with increasing parcel volumes between Thanksgiving and New Years it’s always a good idea to plan ahead.

So, what can you do to avoid delays in receiving your medication? Here are a few tips:

1. Order early. While we recommend ordering when you have a 30 day supply of your medication left, many patients have become used to our normal 14 day turnaround. Knowing there can be delays at this time of year, please allow for 30 days! We recommend placing an order for a 90 day supply of your medication in early November. That way it will arrive before, or in, early December. Even if you have a supply remaining, reordering early is still a good idea. Try to avoid ordering in December.

2. Look at our alternate shipping methods. Our regular shipping is always free but it can take 14-28 days. However, we do offer expedited and tracked delivery options for an additional fee. These services have a higher priority with our shipping partners and (depending on the method you choose) tend to arrive more quickly. This is a good option if you are ordering during the busy holiday season and want a little extra peace of mind.  Ask your Patient Service Representative for the options that are available, expected delivery times and cost.

3. Avoid ordering in December if possible. This bears repeating. Between Thanksgiving and New Years is the busiest time of year so if you can move your order up into November, the chance of your order being delayed is reduced.

As always our shipping guarantee is applied to every order. If it is not received in 28 days, we’ll reship it to you. But if your order is unforeseeably delayed in transit during the busy holiday season, that could mean going month or more without your medication. If you have to refill locally, that could get expensive. So we encourage you to be proactive and order early. Take a moment to consider our expedited and tracked shipping options. As always, our goal is to minimize the inconvenience to you.