FDA Permits Imports Due to Drug Shortages; Why Not Personal Importation?

For years we’ve been wondering when the FDA would acknowledge that drug safety agencies in other developed countries are just as good as they are. Well it turns out they do this quite often. On 37 different instances over the past seven years the FDA has had to look outside the US and import supplies of medications due to shortages. These come from countries like Canada, Australia and the EU. Recently the FDA said it would temporarily permit imports of IV solution products from outside the US. This is due to the hurricane damage in Puerto Rico which has impacted the manufacturing capacity of several pharmaceutical companies.

This begs the question if you can trust products from outside the United States on a temporary basis from certain nations, why can’t you do it on a permanent basis? In essence, why not allow Americans to order personal supplies of prescription medications from trusted countries outside the United States. As noted, the FDA already trusts imports from Canada, Australia and the EU when drug shortages threaten US supplies. On a national scale they are willing to allow imports but not on a personal level. How does that make sense?

The most obvious answer is the over 800 lobbyists employed by the pharmaceutical industry to press their case to lawmakers and bureaucrats at all levels of government. It’s all a bit of a shell game. Big pharma doesn’t cry foul over large scale, FDA backed importation because the products being imported are being made, in large part, by their own subsidiaries in other countries. You can’t legitimately complain about importing drugs from elsewhere when you’re unable to meet demand yourself. If the United States itself can go outside of its own territory to seek out supplies of prescription drugs and it is no problem. However if individuals need to go outside the US to find their prescription drugs, it’s all of a sudden a major issue. Do you see the hypocrisy yet?

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