Archive for the ‘Quit Smoking’ Category lowers prices on smoking cessation products to make breaking the habit even more economical for smokers trying to quit in 2012.

Posted by on February 21st, 2012

Aside from the obvious health issues, smoking can be an expensive habit and yet millions of smokers continue to set light to thousands of dollars a year to support this addiction., the leading online Canadian Pharmacy is committed to supporting it’s customers in breaking the habit by dropping the prices on all its brand name and generic smoking cessation products in 2012.

Winnipeg, Manitoba – (February 20 2011)

Notwithstanding the major and well-documented health implications of smoking including increased risk of heart disease, cancer and circulatory problems, one of the prime motivators of current smokers looking to break their habit is the increasing cost of cigarettes. The average 20-a-day smoker will spend over $3,000 a year to fund their habit, plus associated increases in health insurance, and other higher medical and prescription drug costs associated with the treatment of smoking related health disorders.

The reluctance to spend money on smoking cessation products leads many smokers to try to do it “cold turkey” – the most popular method for quitting smoking, but also one that frequently leads to relapse. At, we are resolved to make 2012 the year where our customers can quit smoking by offering a price drop on our full line of brand name and generic discount smoking cessation products.

The use of smoking cessation products such as common over-the-counter Nicorette products, and prescription products such as Wellbutrin, Zyban, and the newer non-nicotine drug Chantix can almost triple a smoker’s chances of success at kicking the habit for good. offers discount Nicorette gum, discount Nicorette Inhaler products, and other Nicorette products including discount Nicorette patches at lower prices than leading US retail pharmacies. Further 50% savings are available with the purchase of therapeutically equivalent generic nicotine gum. By cutting the price of nicotine replacement products in half, Canada Drug encourages our customers to quit, and save dramatically while doing it.

For customers looking at tackling their nicotine addiction with prescription products, Canada Drugs offers an industry leading No-Risk Guarantee that promises a price-match guarantee, no-hassle returns and free shipping anywhere in the United States. Chantix, Wellbutrin, Zyban, and even cheaper international generic equivalents when available promises 20%-80% price saving on prescription products to further lower the cost burden of quitting smoking.

“There are a number of options consumers have to save money on quitting smoking therapies at Canada Drugs. Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do and we recognize that and work to make it as easy to order and more affordable for anyone who is committed to using smoking cessation products as part of their quitting strategy,” said Brock Gunter-Smith, Chief Business Development Officer for Canada Drugs. “Our 2012 price rollback on Nicorette products, generic nicotine-replacement equivalents, and guaranteed lowest prices on prescription products will offer over a hundred dollars in monthly savings for the average customer starting a quit-smoking plan that includes the use of over-the-counter or prescription products. We hope the Canadian pharmacy savings advantage makes it a little easier for our customers to quit.”

The Canada Drugs smoking cessation campaign began in January at the height of new years resolution season and will continue all year to make keeping a 2012 resolution to put away the cigarettes for good a little more attainable by offering savings to make the choice to quit cheaper.



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