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What Do You Expect When You Walk Into A Pharmacy?

Posted by on November 17th, 2017

When you go to the pharmacy, the last thing you want to be blindsided with is a big price tag. For many people this is what happens. They go to the doctor get a prescription for a particular medication. Then they go to the pharmacy only to find that the price of the drug they have to pay is huge. What’s more, the pharmacist cannot tell the person buying the prescription drugs that a lower price might be available if they pay cash. This is something pharmacists are barred from doing by the PBMs and insurance companies they contract with. The only loophole is if the patient asks their pharmacist directly if there is a better price available. The pharmacist can then tell the patient if paying cash instead of using insurance would be cheaper.

The pharmaceutical industry has it all wrapped up in a neat package. Big pharma sets arbitrary prices, unrelated to market conditions. They negotiate with health insurers and PBMs who charge premiums and fees for their services and receive undisclosed discounts on drugs from manufacturers. They are the people who make money. The rest of us have to pay up. We have to pay premiums, co-pays and co-insurance. And what’s more, the contracts between the players in the prescription drug supply chain keep secrecy at the forefront.

None of the actors know exactly who’s paying who for what, they just know they’ll get paid and make money. The secrecy, as discussed earlier, goes down to the pharmacy level. The pharmacist, the only medical professional in the whole chain, is tasked with actually collecting money from the all-too-often cash strapped patient. They aren’t allowed to tell even low income individuals about potentially lower prices unless they’re directly asked. Otherwise they could be sued. For patients trying to get the best price having a big legal obstacle in their way is no help at all.

By shopping with Canada Drugs you can avoid pharma’s secret pricing schemes and strategies and get the best price right away. No need to go through your insurance company. There’s no need to worry about a PBM or other agreement standing in your way of better prices. We offer the best price we can on every product. Take some time and browse our large product offering and see if we can save you money on your prescription drugs. Visit our website or call us today at 1-800-226-3784.

Chronic Sleep Deprivation Is A Big Problem

Posted by on November 15th, 2017

The Problem

Chronic sleep deprivation is a big health problem in North America. About 35% of people in the US get less than seven hours of sleep each night. That’s a problem. Getting adequate sleep is important to your physical health. Cells use the downtime provided by sleep to repair themselves from damage suffered during the day. Inadequate sleep can cause emotions to swing more widely; it can result in poor decision making, and worse social interactions. More dangerously a sleep deprived person is more likely to cause traffic accidents, injuring themselves and others. If you don’t think that’s very likely you should know that a 2009 study said that close to 5% of drivers admitted to nodding off or falling asleep at least once in the past month, that’s about 10.5 million people!

Sleep is one of those things we think we can sacrifice when we need more time. We might decide that feeling groggy the next day, while not ideal, is something we can live with. Yet the danger is not that we do this occasionally, but that it’s occurring all the time. Sleep deprivation is bad for your health. Several conditions are linked to poor sleeping habits. These include obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and hypertension, and a less effective immune system.

The Solution

Getting adequate sleep may mean a change of lifestyle habits for many of us. Go to sleep and wake up at the same time during the week as well as on the weekends, try not to vary this more than an hour. Use the hour before you go to bed as a time to wind down; don’t do strenuous activities, avoid bright, particularly blue, artificial light, this is the type of light used by TVs, computers, phone & tablet screens. Don’t eat heavy meals or have any alcohol, and avoid caffeinated or sugary beverages. Your actions during the day matter too. Getting a good dose of daily exercise will not only help you improve your overall health but also help you sleep better.

These strategies can help you overcome your sleep deprivation. But it’s important to remember you might be sleep deprived due to a diagnosable medical condition. Sleep apnea is a condition where the airway becomes temporarily obstructed which can cause shallow breathing and breathing pauses. This, in turn, can lead to multiple periods of wakefulness throughout the night. Anyone can suffer it, but it is more common in obese or overweight people. If you’re suffering from chronic sleep deprivation, see a doctor and get some help. Adequate sleep is necessary to maintain good physical and mental health.

A Clever Pharma Money Making Tactic: Gigantic Eye Drops

Posted by on November 13th, 2017

Planned obsolescence is an industrial design technique where a product is purposefully designed to become obsolete, unusable or unfashionable within a certain time frame. That forces people to repurchase new versions of the product and increases the profits of the manufacturer. Imagine a hammer whose handle is designed to crack to break off after a certain number of hits; or cellphones which have to be replaced every two years, or car parts which only last a certain number of miles. You can probably think of other products which seem to break on a regular basis and force you to re-buy them.

Well it turns out the pharmaceutical industry is an enthusiastic user of the idea of planned obsolescence. NPR recently reported on this in the case of eye drops. If you’ve ever been prescribed eye drops you’ve probably noticed that not all of it gets absorbed by the eye, in fact, very little does. The eye can absorb about 7-10 microliters of fluid but eye drops are manufactured to deliver 25-56 microliters in each drop! That’s a significant difference and explains why you’ve had to wipe your face after taking your drops. That excess fluid is wasted medication and wasted money.

This waste isn’t needed. Manufacturers can make droppers capable of delivering eye drops without the excess fluid. However that would make each bottle last longer and sales would drop. For those who have to take eye drops on a regular basis to treat conditions like glaucoma or dry eye, it’s a betrayal. After all, as NPR pointed out in their article, this is like taking your pill and throwing one away for every one you take. Drug companies are well aware of this waste but they do not see the benefits of fixing it only the costs. It would mean redesigning the dropper (cost), getting approval from the FDA (cost), and fewer sales due to longer lasting bottles (cost). The well being of the patient doesn’t enter into the equation.

You must admit that the pharmaceutical companies have been very clever. You can’t tell a patient to take more pills than they need. The patient would overdose quickly. The eye, unlike the body, will not absorb more medication than it has capacity for. So putting more fluid in each drop than is needed isn’t harmful physically and accelerates the replacement rate of each bottle.

Eye drops in the US are very expensive. This is one area where Canada Drugs is a big help. For example, US pharmacy prices for 15 mls of Azopt can run between $400-$700; Canada Drugs can provide this medication, in the same quantity for $91.65. We also have a generic available for $72.90. For more information on this or any other eye drops please visit us at or call us at 1-800-226-3784.



Canada Drugs Wins Big At MECCA Awards

Posted by on November 10th, 2017

Canada Drugs was recently honored at the annual Manitoba Customer Contact Association Awards gala. We received the Performance Management Award in recognition of our commitment to the development and advancement of our employees. Here’s the citation:

This company embodies the principles of continual communication.  In addition to monthly and semi-monthly reviews, the company has developed a scorecard system to recognize all employees for the work they do.  The Leadership Development Program affords employees the opportunities for advancement and the chance to mentor new agents.  Successes within the company are celebrated with monthly performance awards.  In addition, they hold monthly incentive contests with specific performance measurements and objectives that are tied to scorecard measurements.  The company believes everyone has the potential to learn, grow, and lead change.

The gala was also an opportunity for us to reward two employees who have contributed a lot to our company. The winners of the People Awards were Supervisor Candace and Patient Service Representative Tasha.

Candace supervises all of our new hires out of training, and is a key to their success. Her positive attitude, knowledge, caring and dedication has resulted in these new representatives gaining the knowledge and confidence needed to be successful long-term with our company.

Tasha can literally do it all – inbound, outbound, billing, live chat, email, floor support and patient advocacy. Her adaptability, ability and willingness to help in all areas as needed is extremely valuable to our customers and the company as a whole as we can rely on her to do any task needed.

We are humbled to be honored in this way. We’re also excited by the opportunity to recognize outstanding work among our employees. Our main aim is to give our patients the smoothest and most comfortable experience possible. This recognition from other members of our industry is truly inspiring.




Credit Card Costs Pose Threat To Our Low Prices

Posted by on November 8th, 2017

Our battle with Big Pharma and the US Government continues on many fronts, and one has the potential of hitting you in the pocketbook.  Through their massive influence, they have put pressure on credit card giants Visa and Mastercard to not allow processing for legitimate international pharmacies.  As a result, we have had to turn to processors that accept higher risk transactions.  In turn, for accepting this higher risk, they charge a premium.  So, despite their convenience, credit cards have become increasingly expensive to accept, and they are only getting pricier. That’s not an exaggeration. Here at Canada Drugs orders paid by Visa or Mastercard account for 33% of our sales but 58% of our processing fees.

The biggest drawback about this is the effect on you, our patients. Rising credit card processing fees are making it more difficult for us to keep our prices as low as we want. At some point we, like all businesses, have to adjust our prices to cover our expenses. Luckily we have several convenient payment solutions that you can use to help us avoid exorbitant credit card processing fees associated with these 2 cards and keep our prices as low as we can:

  • ACH (aka Direct Withdrawal)

    It’s like using a check but electronically. The payment comes directly from your checking account when your order is processed. No interest to worry about, no fees to pay, and no big credit card balances. On our side, it is very inexpensive to process. Many of you may already use this method to pay your other bills.

  • Checks

    Old fashioned checks are still preferred over credit cards. They cost almost nothing to process and have some benefits for you. First, they are very secure and cannot be hacked. Second they cost almost nothing to process. Third, there are no foreign transactions or other fees for you to pay for using them. We don’t hold up shipments while waiting for checks to arrive either. So for the cost of a stamp, you’ll get your prescription delivered on time and help us keep our prices low.

  • American Express

    If you have an American Express Card, consider it for your next purchase. Amex purchases cost far less to process than Visa or MasterCard.

Please help us keep our product prices low and consider using ACH, checks, or Amex on your next order. It really does make a big difference and benefits both us and you.